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Efficiency Maine’s programs have helped thousands of businesses and residents save energy and money, and have reduced electricity costs for the state through reduced electricity demand. Savings from these projects total over $1 billion dollars since 2002. Read more below about how Maine businesses and residents are using Efficiency Maine programs to save energy and increase their bottom line. Please note that results and finances are unique to each project and are dependent on fluctuating energy prices, available incentives, and site-specific features.

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Veronica says she's saving over 50% a month now that she's installed a high-efficiency heating system and added insulation in the basement.
Bill installed a heat pump with the help of an incentive and low-interest loan from Efficiency Maine. Read about Bill's heating project.
Nancy & Jim
Nancy & Jim
See how one Presque Isle couple is saving an estimated 50 percent on their heating costs after installing a high-efficiency heat pump.
Dana & Clyde
Dana & Clyde
When Dana first moved into her new home, she was always cold. Before renovating her kitchen or replacing the wall paper, she weatherized and replaced her heating system. Learn why.
Tobey and Melissa were helped with their weatherization project by an Efficiency Maine incentive. They sealed air leaks, installed a new pellet stove and insulated their two-family home.
Jane & Stuart
Stuart & Jane
After weatherizing their home, one couple in Warren is now saving 50 percent on their heating bills.
Anne's home is now warm thanks to the air sealing and insulation improvements installed in her home. Learn how Anne weatherized her home.
Al installed moisture barriers and improved the insulation in his basement. Find out how Al is saving energy in Bath.
Marieta insulated, sealed the air leaks in her attic and improved attic ventilation. Click here to learn about Marieta's weatherization project.


Portland Dry Goods
Portland Dry Goods worked with Efficiency Maine to replace 90 PAR20 bulbs and 10 MR16 window display lights with energy-saving LEDs. In doing so they inspired other Old Port retailers to make similar upgrades.
Furniture Superstore
With the help of Efficiency Maine's Distributor Screw-In LED Program, Furniture Superstore in South Portland replaced its 800 75-watt PAR30 incandescent bulbs with 13-watt LEDs. Electricity savings is estimated to be $22,800 per year.
St Mary's CHP Case Study
With help from Efficiency Maine’s Commercial & Industrial Custom Program, St. Mary’s Health System installed a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit in Lewiston. The new system generates electricity on site, using the waste heat for various domestic hot water needs in the facility.
MTA Accounting
With help from Efficiency Maine’s business incentive program, MTA Accounting installed mini-split heat pump units.
Oxford Networks
Oxford Networks made energy efficient improvements by installing high-efficiency lighting and cooling systems. Their new systems help provide uninterrupted access to customer servers. Find out how.
Multifamily – Bucksport
87 ductless heat pumps were installed in a 66-unit Multifamily complex in Bucksport, giving the tenants direct control over their heating costs and comfort.
Multifamily – Houlton
High-efficiency ductless heat pumps and a heat pump water heater were installed in a 6-unit building in Houlton. Learn how much the building owner saved.
Wyman's Blueberries
Jasper Wyman & Son
Learn how Jasper Wyman & Son keep their blueberries cool with an energy efficient refrigeration system.